kill your television


i have a plan this summer. a plan to turn my room from a gadget dump into a swingin bachelor pad. well actually it’s not my plan, it’s tim’s. i came up with the needs, he came up with the concept. it will be executed. i’m tired of living like this. so i’m finally making good on my threats to sell off all the crap that’s accumulated, and framing / hanging all my art. and i will have one well organized good lookin space. gimme 2 months. i think that’s how long it’ll take.

part 1 of the plan is being executed right now. like it will be finished by this weekend. i’ve sold off my big ole tv. i’m putting my tivo on craigslist as soon as i watch the top chef finale from tomight. i’ve placed a 20″ imac (the new intel one) on hold. i’ll use the imac as my media center and tv and video / photo editing station all in one. that will get rid of some crap and clear out the corner where my new office will go.


3 Responses to “kill your television”

  1. 1 Johnny

    I think some before & after, pre- and post-clutter photo documentation is in order.

  2. Yay!

  3. thanks for the TV! HOORAY!

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