i wonder if i’m the only one who this happens to, but how else am i gonna know unless i ask. there are some people who you meet and within minutes of talking to those people, you know there’s a relationship there. i’m not necessarily talking romantic. i’ve met more friends this way than lovers. but some people you talk to and you just know instantly that there is an unbreakable bond between you. the first time i sat down and talk to johnny, he was doing laundry (literally, not that kind of laundry). by the time he was done, i knew he was going to be a friend for life. standing in line to get my ipod shuffle, i met jesse. by the time we got to the cash register, i knew we were gonna be pals. this has happened on several occasions, even with friends of friends. i don’t know if it’s because i have a ggod sense for these things or if this happens to everyone. or maybe it just happens to people like me so it happens to you all since you’re my friends?

what’s weirder is that with blogs, and email, and IM i don’t have to meet people physically for this to happen. if i have read enough of what they’ve written, i know their tastes, what they are like. i can sense the potential for a friendship across the ether. and once in a while, i sense the potential for more and if i’m feeling brave, i do something about it. of course it helps if the other person is equally brave if not more so.


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