sports sites on macs


when dwight was up here a few days ago, we did alot of work on his computer. he had been complaining that he couldn’t do alot of things he wanted to, including watch the motogp races that he had subscribed to. one by one we took care of each of his issues. so we switched him from using windows media player for mac to flip4mac. once we did that he could stream all those races he paid for. he was so excited.

so imagine my delight when during ufc 60 last night, there’s an announcement that ufc launched a video on demand site where you could stream any ufc bout ever fought. i was in heaven. so today i went to go find the sherk – hughes fight and what do i get?

UFC only likes people using IE on Windows

not only does the UFC video on demand site do some stupid check so it won’t work with macs, it won’t even work on windows unless you’re using internet explorer. what the hell? it’s IE only? is this 2002? someone needs to smack UFC’s web team silly. this is just crazy.


3 Responses to “sports sites on macs”

  1. 1 Tony

    Never ceases to amaze me how Schtoopid some PC people are. What’s the point in eliminating Mac access? Just dumb. Flip4Mac is the best weapon for these WMV content providers, but doesn’t look like it will get past this site’s blockage.

  2. 2 Ed

    I agree. All this discrimination against MAC has got to stop.

  3. 3 someguy

    People always see Apple as the little underdog. What about when it comes to music? Why can’t apple just let the ipod place nice with MP3s. Why can’t iTunes sell songs in MP3 format? Why is there a restriction on how many machines you can play your iTunes songs on? It’s all the same stuff, people are just trying to protect their assets. I think it’s stupid, but I think this kind of stuff will happen more and more.

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