UFC 60


during the preview special i find out that matt hughes previously fought sean sherk. i need to see that fight. preferably alone. in my room. with no one else home.

mike swick wins with a guillotine, what a suprise. brandon vera wins the same way. nigel says, somebody win by something other than a guillotine choke.

diego sanchez finally enters a fight looking like he trained for it. but josh alessio trained too, and he stuffed all of diego’s attempts to take him down for diego’s usual win by ground and pound. alessio deserves serious props for his efforts, even though diego won the decision. josh is one to watch

alessio “legionarius” sakara has some big bad tattoos, but he was no match for dean lister, who dominated and won with a triangle choke most guys his size wouldn’t dream of trying. what an incredible submission fighter that dude is

i have the upmost respect for royce gracie, but my matt. oh my matt. he took control of the fight and managed to take out royce in the first round. royce was cool and calm and smoothly tried to get out from matt’s control, but matt never lost the advantage, and by the endo of the round was pounding the back of royce’s head to the point where the ref (big john) had to call the fight. ahhhh matt. i can’t wait to see him fight GSP.

the most fun fight was probably spencer fisher vs matt wiman, two lightweights. it looked like wiman, a newcomer, was gonna come out on top, but just when he got cocky after surviving the first round, fisher let loose with this jumping knee – clothes line combo that just knocked him the fuck out. that was by far the most spectacular move of the night. second place would go to melvin guillard for his long hook knockout of rick davis.


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