life post television


it’s very weird to have to willfully occupy myself without tv. it’s was even harder adjusting since last night i was totally sick and could barely move. i finally copied all my music to the new imac and hooked it up to my stereo. the mac automatically recognizes that i’ve hooked it up using an optical cable and doesn’t let me adjust the volume or anything on the mac. it’s all digital all the time. wow does music sound good this way. way better than when i used RCA cables and a 3.5 mm adapter to connect my mac to my stereo.

the next project (after i get the front row remote, aHEM) will be to start loading the mac up with QT compatible videos so i can play them full screen and watch em from my couch. of course since my screen is crazy thick with pixels, everything looks really pixelated when played full screen. ITMS better start selling higher resolution videos if apple expects me to subscribe to my shows there.

we’ll see if my productivity improves as i become more and more accustomed to not having a tv to rely on for entertainment. if nothing else, i’m at least getting more reading done!


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