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scott adams (the creator of dilbert) on flag burning “The thing to remember about freedom is that it’s not given, it’s taken.” i got this via kevin, who, like me is more upset that while our right to burn the flag was saved by one vote – one vote (fuck you diane) – our corporate […]

well my getting rid of the tv and just using the imac thing for entertainment has only been mildly successful. no, i haven’t bought a new tv, but i did buy a tv receiver for my imac. i figured i could hook my mac up to my cable (which we have because we have cable […]



the lactic acid is finally leaving my legs after monday and tuesday’s workout stupidity. i shoulda started drinking massive amounts of cytomax sooner. that stuff is the shit. anyhow, this week it’s time for more changes. one of the things i’d like to do is find a better way to share and save stuff that […]

some movies have all the answers. you can find lines in classics like ferris bueller’s day off, dune, the big lebowski and a few others to fit almost any situation. they can answer questions, provide guidance, inspire, lighten moods. well basically anything. there are musical equivalents to these movies. albums full of such carefully crafted […]



i actually turned on the “tv” tonight. that is, i turned the tuner on my mac on and just let it play a totally idiotic show for an hour. it was really all i could do to eat some dinner and watch tv. holy cripes. the folks at the gym are training for a couple […]

some people will be on anything. uk bookies are notorious for taking bets on pointless shit like what color the queen’s dress will be on easter or which prince will pick his nose first in public. lest the US be left behind, one of our online gambling sites (conveniently hosted in costa rica) is putting […]



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