why do i feel like i’m watching caddyshack


i can just see the priest in caddyshack yelling “god damn you” after he misses his put in the awful storm and being struck by lightning.

if you didn’t hear, last week pat robertson claimed that in 2003 he leg pressed 2,000 pounds. no, not 200, 2000. when he was 73 years old. for the record, the florida state record for a leg press, by a college athlete, was only 1365 (“only” by comparison) and had to be completed on a specially modified leg press because a standard one couldn’t hold that much weight.

so in some sort of sick biblical retribution, today (one of) robertson’s private jets is struck down in bad weather. sadly, pat was not on board. but you can’t help but feel there’s some great power at work here, can you


One Response to “why do i feel like i’m watching caddyshack”

  1. 1 Johnny

    I guess I’ve got to staret drinking the flaxseed oil, then. I can’t even leg press in the quadruple digits.

    Doesn’t the priest yell “Rat farts”?

    I was sort of tempted to say, Well, Pat’s finally lost it, but I think that horse has kind of already left the barn.

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