public enemy number one


apparently choosing illegal immigrants (read brown people) as the “problem” to distract people from our real problems like a war we can’t win and the resulting trillion dollar deficit was a mistake. all the rich people must have said “who will clean my house? who will care for my lawn?” and illegal immigration was no longer a concern. it is something to be tolerated, even embraced, except by low to mid income white southerners and texans. and those folks would vote republican even if geoge bush was caught on video saying “i hate all you nascar-loving rednecks” while pissing on dale earnhardt sr.’s grave.

so what does the white house / republican propoganda machine do? they trot out gay marriage… again. if you’ve somehow missed the news, andy and rod have the details (with a gay-friendly bias. here’s the christian science monitor if you want a more neutral briefing.)

this time i’m not really sure it’s gonna work. first off, they did it at the last minute, which may or may not be brilliant. by doing it at the last minute, there was no time to build momentum, but also no time for the issue to fide like immigration did. second, the people who were on the fence about voting republican are caring less and less about gay marriage. polls show increased support for it. so it’s probably not gonna win over that mean moderate voters. and though they’ll still vote republican, apparently the ammendment proposed today wasn’t strongly worded enough to please the ultra conservatives, so it may have alienated them.

believe it or not, i see some good news in this. (1) the democrats are staying out of this. they’re letting the republicans hang themselves. (2) the gay activists are not jumping down the democrats’ throats for staying out of this (so far). (3) the era of karl rove is over. if rove had his hand in this (it is his m.o. for sure), then it seems clear his one trick pony is now an old lame horse. if rove had nothing to do with this and this was W and frist just trying to copy rove’s old tricks, that’s even better.


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