so soon?


wow. gay marriage gets dragged back out by the conservatives on monday and on wednesday bill bennett – bill mutherfucking bennett – is on the daily show admitting that there’s nothing the conservatives can do to stop it. admitting defeat. and the whole time, he’s pulling out all the old lines – about activist judges, about how it’s a slippery slope (though at least he didn’t bring up pedophilia or bestiality), about how every religion and every culture only believes in the relationship between 1 man and 1 woman (lies, and more damn lies). and john stewart is there to make a fool of bennett as he brings up each one. it was rich. like watching southern politicians grasping at segregation as it finally ended in the mid 60s. as usual, the good folks at crooks and liars have the video. you have to see it. it’s so rich.

i’m so torn. i love watching support for this administration and their unltra-conservative allies crumble as americans wake up to what’s been going on. but i fear what will happen if the democrats seize an overwhelming amount of power too quickly. not because i think the democrats will fuck this country up, but because i fear they’ll fuck up the p.r. and messaging. here’s the problem. we now have like a multi trillion dollar deficit. getting out of that is gonna suck. if the democrats take control too quickly, the republicans (because they’re smart about this) will be able to make this the democrat’s fault and will use it to regain power in another couple of years. but if we give the republicans 4 more years of power they are going to have to deal with all the shit they started, and it isn’t going to be pretty, and they won’t be able to blame it on the democrats. and then. then the democrats will be able to point to all the republican fuck ups, and the republicans won’t be able to turn the blame. and things will be bad. very bad. i admit. but people will remember how bad things got for a long time. and that will give the democrats plenty of time to take power, turn this country around, and keep it on a steady course.

in the mean time, conservatives are getting more moderate. the ultra-conservative thing worked for a while, but it was a loser’s game. they continually had to get more conservative to appeal to the ultra conservative voters they thought were their core audience. but eventually that got so absurd that now only ann coulter and fred phelps can appeal to that crowd. and most of america is watching these crazy ultra cons and saying “whoa. what did you say? no, i’m not like you. i don’t believe the same things you do” and conservatives are swinging back. which, is good for us homos and other “deviants” and good for the keep republicans in power plan too. it makes it more tolerable. this way we only have to worry about our financial well being and not our inalienable rights.


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