the end of an era


etched powerbook

damn you apple. in january apple announced the 15″ macbook pro, the replacement for my powerbook, just over a month after i had ordered my powerbook. for the next few months, i was content with my powerbook. i didn’t feel the need to upgrade at all, despite the move to a fancy new processor and the inclusion of cool stuff like front row and an isight. for once i didn’t mind not having the latest greatest thing, because i thought mine was good enough.

but over the following months, i started making videos for phonescoop, and then making more videos. and i found myself continuously limited by the speed of my powerbook. so a few weeks ago, i “splurged” and bought a intel imac. it is glorious. the 20″ screen is gigantic. the features are impressive. and the speed, well the speed is simply amazing. and now, now my totally awesome super buff powerbook feels pokey by comparison. not for the every day tasks i use it for like writing and browsing, but for the high power ones.

so i’ve let my yearning desire to buy a new 13″ macbook get the best of me. i want the core duo speed everywhere. i don’t need the extra screen real estate of the 15″ pro since i have the imac at home for all the big screen stuff. i just need a buff little machine with me everywhere i go.

and thus, i’ve put my beautiful powerbook on ebay, where they’re still fetching a good price. good enough, i hope, to pay for a maxed-out macbook- maybe even a black one. i figure it’s better to sell now while the prices are still high than to wait until i can’t wait any longer and not make enough to buy a new machine.


One Response to “the end of an era”

  1. 1 Johnny

    I love how in the eBay post you had laser in quotes. Still not nearly as good as your craigslist post for the espresso maker!

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