things i miss


i love my job, and i’m so happy that we’re successful. really. it’s not many people who get the freedom to do something they love and they’re good at and make money at it too. but because we are so busy now thanks to our success and a desire to maintain it, there are things i no longer get to do and i do kinda miss em.

  • i miss blogging more regularly. i miss blogging about stupid things that catch my eye. all the stupid things i’d like to buy. all the little songs i like to sing
  • i miss discovering new music. sometimes i think i don’t explore music anymore because i’m getting older. but other times i feel like i’m just out of time to learn about new music and let it grow on me
  • i miss being able to just take off for a day and not have it matter. back when i wasn’t a critical part of any online community i could just disappear for 10 hours and hangout. i can still do that on weekends or every once in a while, but now it requires scheduling.
  • i miss obsessing about the one phone i’m going to buy, and then buying it and obsessing about using it for six month. i haven’t used the same for longer than 10 days in a row since january.

these are stupid things to miss. none of them makes a real difference in anyone’s life – though maybe my infrequent blogging has a small impact on your life. otherwise, i realize i just miss the old lazy days. would i give up my current success to get them back? no.

about the only thing i’d like to have back is my own phone. something i can make MINE. all day for the past 5 years i’ve talked about how phones are personal devices and how people define themselves by the phone they carry. about how they should choose a phone that fits their needs and personality. and yet i no longer have the opportunity do that myself.


2 Responses to “things i miss”

  1. instead, you get to help ME obsess over which cell phone to buy… fun, right?

  2. 2 natalie

    I always know you give me good phone advice. I loved the blackberry, and now the sidekick. I totally hear you on the free time though. I’d love to disappear for a day and just knit. 🙂

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