happy fathers day


yesterday johnny, steve VC korol, and dwight all came to town for an advanced rider track day at sears point. afterwards tim and i met them up at jim’s chateau for hijinx and dinner. the first thing i noticed is that i’m no longer embarrassed about my own physical condition around these guys, which is a big step for me considering that they’re all amazing athletes and whatnot.

the second thing i noticed was that despite the fact that both jim and dwight are dads, not more than 5 minutes out of the 4+ hours we spent bullshitting was spent talking about kids. it’s not that these guys aren’t good fathers. i’m sure they are. it’s that they still have plenty of other things going on in their lives. i know jim makes time for his daughters every day, and dwight takes the parenting load off april whenever he’s not flying. but they don’t spend all their time away from their kids talking about their kids. it’s not that i don’t want to hear about their kids. i do. i just want to talk about other stuff too.

anyhow the night was amazing. there was much hijinx in jim’s pool and hot tub, overlooking the green hills of marin county as the sun set. much talking about motorcycles, growing up in the east, moving to the west and asorted stupidity we all participated in along the way. then a delicious dinner and more bullshitting (though at a lower volume since jim’s girls were sleeping by then). i couldn’t imagine things being much better.


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