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kodak may have finally come to save my life. after searching and searching for a camera that might serve me better than my venerable sony V3 (which would be awesome if i didn’t have such damn shaky hands), today kodak brings us the P712. it looks like it address all the issues people had with the p850, which on paper looked like a good camera but fared poorly in reviews. i can’t wait to order one

for my trip, and other trips, i’d like to have a pocket-sized camera i can count on. i’m thinking about the panasonic TZ1. panasonics take notoriously noisy pictures, but i’ve seen a bunch of reviews saying this is one of their least noisy models and damn. it has 10x zoom in a tiny camera. i didn’t used to care about zoom, i used to buy the simplest camera possible for travel (i did love my sony u20), but lately i think more and more about the other factors. i should also care more about the movies it takes (btw, the new kodak takes mp4!!), which could make the kodak v610 that also takes mp4 videos a contender – and it has bluetooth! (two kodaks? that’s crazy talk!) but most reviewers have chosen the TZ1 over the V610 (even though the v610 is WAY more pocketable) and some are even saying skip the super zoom and get the canon SD700 is. anyone tried these?


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