betcha vin’s gay


some people will be on anything. uk bookies are notorious for taking bets on pointless shit like what color the queen’s dress will be on easter or which prince will pick his nose first in public. lest the US be left behind, one of our online gambling sites (conveniently hosted in costa rica) is putting odds on the next star to come out or be outed. best odds are jake gyllenhaal (5-2) and vin diesel (4-1).

neither would surprise me. and both are at points in their career when they can do it. vin’s action career appears to be over (good riddick, i mean riddance. stick with the good rules) and jake never had an action career. either could do dramatic roles if he came out. funny thing is, i never woulda put jake on that list. everyone’s suspected vin, thanks to his string of “european girlfriends” and notorious entourage of men.

there’s other usual suspects on the list – keanu, cruise, condaleeza, and the coop (remember this is about being out publicly, we all know anderson cooper is gay but he’s not out). but gyllenhaal isn’t the only dark horse / surprise candidate with good odds. oprah gets 6-1, and a bunch of big name athletes (kordell stewart, peyton manning, troy aikman) are up there too. some of the pros i’ve suspected (a-rod, jeff garcia) are less likely candidates according to the odds. btw, the scientoligists (cruise and travolta) have the worst odds

and since we’re on the gay thing. let’s just put this all in one post and get it over with. i went to pride. i did exactly what i said i would do and had a great time. leaving the civic center early on is the key to having a good pride. i spent plenty of time with my pals and we had a great time together. a few pals didn’t show up til late in the day if they showed at all, so i missed those guys, but everyone understood.

and today i tried to take a picture of this dude doing this thing i think is so hot but some other dude sat between us just as i was trying to take it. damn! guys who are taller than me and beefier than me can have this thing going on when they sit down or stretch where their t-shirt pulls up just a little bit and you see the tiniest band of midsection followed by the top of their skivvies peeking out above their jeans. SO HOT. i think it’s the gay equivalent of girls who wear lowrider jeans and pull their thong up high so you can see it peek out of their pants.


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