i actually turned on the “tv” tonight. that is, i turned the tuner on my mac on and just let it play a totally idiotic show for an hour. it was really all i could do to eat some dinner and watch tv. holy cripes. the folks at the gym are training for a couple of fights coming up next month. we have 3 dudes going to the pan-am games, and they’re training non-stop. like at least 3 hours / day every day. and then a good bunch have gotten together to go compete down at cung’s too, which is on the same day.

so, as always happens, everyone’s training has stepped up to support the training of those who are fighting. which is awesome. except it took me totally by surprise. so i went in early for some good lifting, which was awesome, but then BAM! i got smacked by some serious non-stop drilling. my legs were jelly when we were done.

a few good things came out of my tv watching. i extended my tv watching to include the daily show. wherein i saw john hodges now has a feature on it (he plays the PC in the apple commercials), i saw a commercial informing me that “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” starts up again this week, and i got to see john stewart interview lance. and lance was funny. so awesome! now my tv watching is over.


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