i did it with a whiffleball bat


some movies have all the answers. you can find lines in classics like ferris bueller’s day off, dune, the big lebowski and a few others to fit almost any situation. they can answer questions, provide guidance, inspire, lighten moods. well basically anything. there are musical equivalents to these movies. albums full of such carefully crafted verse that every song provides lines that should be used in conversation again and again. although it was viewed as an album of party anthems, and the content is pretty shallow, license to ill is so craftily worded that lines from it can be used in all sorts of situations. and of all the tracks on the beastie boys’ first full album, none can match paul revere. line for line that song can provide more material than any other on the disc, and that’s saying alot. plus, not only is it full of quotable lines, it’s also the song most likely to be known by enough drunk 30 years olds that you can all sing/chant/warble/scream it a party together or do it at karaoke. so practice up kids. you never know when this track will come in handy.


One Response to “i did it with a whiffleball bat”

  1. 1 gunny93

    One other movie I would add to that list would be The Godfather.

    The Dude Abides …

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