the lactic acid is finally leaving my legs after monday and tuesday’s workout stupidity. i shoulda started drinking massive amounts of cytomax sooner. that stuff is the shit. anyhow, this week it’s time for more changes. one of the things i’d like to do is find a better way to share and save stuff that catches my eye. i really mean to start using delicious like a mofo, but i have to learn to integrate with my life better first. but there’s stuff that delicious isn’t good for, like sharing awesome quotes from people i respect. and so that begins here.

jocko, on an evil press release from logo, the gay cable network owned by mtv: “The channel is supposed to be “a place where the LGBT audience can see themselves and be themselves through a mix of original and acquired entertainment, programming that is authentic, smart and inclusive”…what… including the way you reduce people to a cultural stereotype?”

Michael Beirut, on designing for activism from an interview on Adaptive Path’s blog (via Jason) “I’ve found that any reluctance I’ve had to doing more of this “political design” has to do with my own fear that things like T-shirts and posters are usually feeble tools to address the enormous problems we face as a society today.”


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