scott adams (the creator of dilbert) on flag burning “The thing to remember about freedom is that it’s not given, it’s taken.” i got this via kevin, who, like me is more upset that while our right to burn the flag was saved by one vote – one vote (fuck you diane) – our corporate backed congressbots have managed to resurrect the broadcast flag and slip it into yet another bill for the umpteenth time. while i’m pretty sure that this attempt will fail like all the others, they keep trying. but our senators aren’t always evil and greedy. they’ve also ammended the infamous net neutrality bill to guarantee that cities can run their own municipal wi-fi networks despite state attempts to outlaw this. so it’s not just federal law makers who are corporate sponsored toadies – sometimes the state guys are too. or maybe the federal law makers just have a different set of corporate sponsors with deeper pockets like google and microsoft.

but back to the original quote. i know it’s a bit “freedom isn’t free” for most people but adams has a point. no government handed anyone new rights. ever. they granted them after those people fought for them tooth and nail. and right now i don’t know where to put my efforts. i put my money into fighting for technological rights. i give to the EFF, not just because i know some of their attorneys, but because i am thankful for what they do. i do not give money to any gay rights organizations. you know why? they’re too splintered and i never see them doing anything good. except maybe the lambda legal defense council, which defends gays in court and has a decent track record. but do these organizatons actually win us freedoms, or do we have to take them? and if so, who will organize the taking? are jake, cory and pt organizing a seekrit army of makers to build free networks so large that they will be impossible to crush and the government and old media will have to give in? is geekslut putting together an army of ex military badasses who will seekritly infiltrate the government and turn things around for gays from the inside? and if so how can i help?


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