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news flash


i’m back in the states. i’ll tell you about my trip in a sec, but since returning, i’ve: been to nigel’s belated birthday bash slept, alot gone to the apple store to buy a bluetooth mighty mouse, but they were sold out went with ryan, V and niall to see raiders of the lost ark […]



from minx “Love was there, and I have quit fucking around in expressing it. “

this is not about brand names and expensive things. no this is about how i work here. and how i could not work like that in south africa. basically the concept of walking to a local cafe, getting a good cup of joe, and hopping online there to do some work is pretty much impossible […]

cape town blues


Cape Town could be an amazing city. Two large mountains – Table and the Lion burst out from the the city and rise above it beautiful and undeveloped. The city itself is rife with great little neighborhoods which ring what should be a thriving metro area. But it’s anything but. Instead the city is dead. […]



i will get to posting about south africa soon. but one of the most interesting things about the event is that it has brought together journalists from every continent – literally. and we americans are the few who only deal in technology. most deal in whatever stories they are assigned that week. tonight, on a […]

it is 1300 hrs in frankfurt and i’m wondering if that old addage about your sould not being able to travel faster than a camel only applies to time zones or if it applies to total distance. if it applies to total distance, i’m screwed. if it only applies to time zones, i’m lucky as […]

in 3 hours i take off on the longest plane trip i’ve ever been on. a full 24 hours of flying each way (split very nicely into two 12 hour legs). on monday (talk about missing time!) i will land in cape town, south africa for a junket and vacation. other than egypt, which i […]