our own guy fawkes day


launching the riot

remember remember the 4th of july? last night instead of going to the embarcadero or the marina to watch official city sponsored fireworks of SF, berkeley, sausalito and beyond, we went to the mission. not like the gentrified mission. no to the real mission. down by pop’s bar all the locals get together, pool their money, and buy so much fireworks they can put on fun show for hours. fireworks take on new meaning and new excitement when they’re going off 30 feet away instead of 3 miles away. to say it was fun was an understatement. riotous is more like it. everyone shooting fireworks at each other and every building in site. and there was even some fireworks package called the riot box. it didn’t cause any riots though. someone throwing an m80 at the police car who decided we had enough fun and that the fireworks display had to stop almost did though. the police were actually pretty cool for a while. cruisers kept coming by, but would just pass on and let the boys keep blowing things up. but after well over an hour, apparently the cops had enough. and then eventually the people had enough of the cops. and unlike most places, people in sf do not seem afraid of the cops. they will not obey them blindly

i’m always impressed when the citizens of SF take things into their own hands. here’s a chance to take the freedoms our forefathers won us to the maximum. to celebrate them by pushing the boundaries. and people do it. and no one got hurt. and everyone was happy. and people from all sorts of racial and economic and cultural backgrounds came together for some fun. agent smith even overheard some dude in a blue blazer saying “this is WAY better than the fireworks in the marina.” and then he grabbed a couple of the mission locals and embraced them as his friend snapped a picture of them all.


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