lake flaccid


if anyone knows where my libido went, can they please drop me a line and let me know. i mean it should be here, where i left. i know i didn’t leave it at the gym – i’m there often enough, i woulda seen it. is it hiding under the mess of papers and boxes in my room? is it trapped in my powerbook at the apple store downtown, trying to grunt loud enough so that someone will notice and let it out?

maybe it just left me, quickly and quietly. no goodbye, no note, not even a post-it. was i that bad to it? did i neglect it for that long? maybe it’s been threatening to leave me for ages and i just didn’t see the signs. maybe i didn’t pay enough attention to it. i don’t know why it left or where it is, but i think it’s gone.

will it come back to me? maybe it just needed a vacation. or if this one doesn’t come back you think i can find a new one? i mean people have more than one lover (well most), do they have multiple libidos too?

or maybe i’m approaching this all wrong and libidos aren’t like people, they’re like muscles. and that’s definitely a muscle i haven’t been working out (but i’ve been doing my squats. honest!). maybe i just need to get my libido to the love gym or somethin. whether i gotta find a new one or just work this one out or whatever, i need it again. my minimal self confidence turns pretty hopeless without a libido’s help.


One Response to “lake flaccid”

  1. 1 Robert

    dude. I misplaced mine as well and, well, it seems to have comeback in its own time.

    Thanks in part to a new 28 y/o occasionally training partner, who when in tights to do legs, makes my testosterone boil. Now 28 is so not my thing, and he is not big or particularly furry (apart from his butt and that is OMG), but there is something about him.

    the imoral to this story is – yes its a muscle, it needs to be worked out and you need get out and flex it. Go meet some new and potentially hot boys and you will cause you are.

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