emo is the new liberal


it occurs to me that anyone younger than say, 25, uses the insult emo like middle aged people use the insult liberal. liberal is the new gay. emo is the new liberal. and if you too want to have a laugh at the emo steretype, you gotta check out hope is emo – hilarious new video series from the ask a ninja folks. here’s the first episode…


2 Responses to “emo is the new liberal”

  1. This is mainly in the US. Here in Canada, unless you are running in the Conservative Party, the Bloc Quebecois or the NDP, Liberal isn’t necessarily an insult. Heck, even the Premier of Alberta is a Liberal.

  2. Yes, LOVE this vid. Epi 2 with the father and the yogurt. ZOMFG1.1.mYs!!!PaCE/LOLZ.

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