spank me


if you haven’t heard spank rock yet, well you don’t know what you’re missing. for the past year i’ve been looking for someone to replace the neptunes as not just super producers but as trend shapers. i needed a new sound, a really new sound, and spank rock has exactly what i’ve been looking for. dirty rap, drum and bass, rock, bleeps and bloops – they got it all, and they’ve put it together expertly. i am in LOVE. you must hear them. NOW. and you can, for free. they’re giving away the mp3 and video for their first single – rick rubin. which i’m also making available here because you have to enable pop-ups (WTF?) to get it.

bruce wang agrees with me. he not only loves them, he saw them play out and said it was the closest he’s gotten to SF since he moved to miami – well except for the getting mugged after the show part. (sorry poto.) he’s also giving up a second spank track to shake your ass to.

spank rock is also apparently responsible for producing the chocolate swim remix ep. which is the fuckin best thing you can download for your ears right now. i’ve been listening to it for about 24 hours straight and i’m still not sick of that shit. it prety much combines artists from what are now officially my two current favorite hip hop labels – big dada and chocolate industries on 6 tracks of head banging heaven. it’s the reese’s cup of rap.


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