whoa, pt. 1


this weekend i would say i took a pause, but just the opposite is true. i took a pause from the usual grind, but i went non-stop the whole time. the weather from 7 am saturday til 4 pm sunday was so perfect that i had to enjoy every bit of it i could. it was totally one of those ferris bueller “the question isn’t what ARE we going to do, it’s what AREN’T we going to do” sort of weekends

saturday i got up with the sun and got enough crap done to make it to the gym on time. jeff worked us so hard i could barely drag my ass down the street 2 blocks to meet chao for some tasty ass carbo loading at taiwan. pork buns and noodles and steamed dumplings. oh my.

looking into the future

then niall and i took off to tennessee valley beach. it’s a small beach up in marin w x nw of hill 88. it’s about a half hour hike (it was so flat it was more like a walk) to the beach from the trail head, so it’s not crowded. the ocean was glorious. the water was warm enough to wade in comfortably, and we soaked in the sun and the waves and the beauty of being totally disconnected from any wireless network whatsoever. the only thing i used my phone for was to take some great pictures and a little video.

we got back too late for me to catch UFC 61 with the kickboxing cronies, but just in time for lamar to invite me to the strangers with candy premier with him and a friend. the movie was good but it was not the movie that i was there for. first was the jerri blank look alike contest, which was awesome. and then there were the guys. holy shit. the theatre was like 90% gay dudes and most of them were smokin hot. it was a smorgasbord of sin. i was actually sad when the lights went down for the movie to start.

after, lamar suggests we go get a drink at lone star. and i’m thinkin “when was the last time i was in a gay bar, let alone the lone star.” but i was determined to do new things this weekend so i went along and what do you but within 5 minutes of being there we run into the spark crew who’s there for matty’s birfday. so as usual, i knew too many people and got on my friends’ nerves being the social dude that i am. until last call. when i was ready to get outta there and get some well deserved rest


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