a new fagwah


so i’m not sure if you heard about because honestly it doesn’t matter one bit, but apparently pharrell was hosting some party at fashion week in milan and his bodyguards kicked out a bunch of b-list gays (elton john’s husband chief among them) because “there was too much sausage in the room.” hahahah. i thought it was funny, the b-listers did not. so they issued a “fagwah” against pharrell in hopes that his line of louis vuitton would crash and burn without the support of the gays. well pharrell apologized and even without gay support everyone is drooling over pharrell’s line. i don’t know why i’m still talking about this. maybe because i don’t want to talk about real fagwah.

next month world gay pride is to take place in jerusalem. now i don’t know how many of you have been to jerusalem, or talked to people who’ve been to jerusalem, but it’s about the most ungay place on earth. it’s hyper conservative and the whole place shuts down for the sabbath, leaving gays nothing to do one night a week. the rest of the time when stuff is open, it’s a pretty un-fabulous scene. now granted it’s not some crazed west african or arab country where they’re going around locking up and executing people who are accused of being gay, but it’s still a pretty sucky place for homos. so for the life of me i can’t figure out why they’re holding world pride day there as opposed to tel aviv, which is much more liberal and much more gay friendly.

jerusalemites apparently aren’t happy with the choice either. the local and national governments have made it a point to warn the participants they have no interest in hosting them. and that they have no interest in protecting them either. and the residence have made it clear they have no interest in being anything but assholes. which brings us to the other kind of fagwah. apparently fliers have gone up in mea sha’arim, one of the oldest and most conservative districts of jerusalem offering 20k sheckelim ($4500) for the death of any gay coming to world pride. last year at jerusalem pride a marcher was stabbed to death all casual like just like the jews did to the romans back in biblical days, and of course pretty much no one did anything about it. now what?

should they march? should they give up and turn tail? should they organize their own security force? i mean there are plenty of gays who’ve had to go through military training, especially in a country where service is mandatory like israel. why isn’t there a gay self defense force? a sort of UN peacekeeping force for homos?


One Response to “a new fagwah”

  1. 1 Johnny

    More ungay than Cleveland? More ungay than Little Rock, Arkansas? There is very little rock in Arkansas.

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