whoa, pt. 2


i know, i know. a day late and a dollar short, but i gotta get this out while i still can. sunday , woke up, took the dogs for a walk and headed down to the mission to grab coffee and a dirt bomb at ritual before heading over to watch the world cup final. we rolled up to ritual and it looked like everyone in the whole damn mish had the same idea – the line for ritual was out the door and down the street. crap. but it’s worth it, of course. it didn’t take too long and we got to have some fun with matty, who isn’t just a sassy cyclecide rider, but now is a 26 year old. happy birthday duder!

dolores park for world cup

the german embassy sponsored a jumbotron in dolores park and were off to join the fun there. they sponsor this bus that brings SF kids to science or vise versa and used the opportunity to plug the bus and raise some money for the program. we head up to the park and holy shit, everyone in sf really did have the same idea. dolores park is packed with people and the match is just starting. we grabbed some grass just in time to see zidane’s goal. everyone around us is into the match and having a good time and the vibe is just perfect. ohhhhhs, ahhhhhhs, groans, all en masse. italy scores and the crowd goes wild. flags come out. france rallies and the francophones near us all start singing “allez, allez la france, allez”. i could not imagine a better way to watch the match.

after sitting for 120 minutes, the crowd couldn’t take sitting and couldn’t take the anticipation as the penalty kick off began. i kept my camera at the ready in movie mode so i could start filming the second the deciding kick crossed the goal. here’s a panorama of the crowd that i shot as the game is decided.

as for zidane’s headbutt, well it was kindof the highlight of the game for me. at least no one will forget the guy. what a way to go out. from what i’ve seen online of materazzi, the dude had it coming. niall has remixed it with a little bit of x3 to make it even more entertaining…

then after we headed out to foreign cinema to try their infamous sugar cured bacon, which niall and had been discussing the day before as we walked to the beach. it was good. not as amazing as i thought it would be. but certainly up there, at least in the bacon category. the rest of our brunch was delicious. i’d highly recommend it for a special treat on a sunny sunday.


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