a return to the good old days


bmw z4 coupe

i am holding each of you personally responsible for not telling me about this before. did you want to keep it a secret from me? did you think i wouldn’t find out? O M G the z4 coupe is the sexiest car i can remember seeing in forever. when the original z4 was introduced i was one of the few people not put off by all the compound curves on the sides, but what i saw put off by was the long hood combined with the awful lines of the passenger compartment either with the top up or down. either way i thought it dull and ugly. but now, now the hard top gives the z4 the lines of a classic 60s coupe. it looks fast. sporty. classy.

even better, on the inside it is full of super high tech gadgets that appeal to the 15 minutes in the future side of me. i cannot think of any downside to this car. except maybe that it costs 40k and isn’t exactly the most practical of vehicles. but damn if SF had a car culture it sure would get me laid. i hope one of you buys this so i can ride around in it.


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