here i go, on the road again


in 3 hours i take off on the longest plane trip i’ve ever been on. a full 24 hours of flying each way (split very nicely into two 12 hour legs). on monday (talk about missing time!) i will land in cape town, south africa for a junket and vacation. other than egypt, which i swear doesn’t really count, i’ve never been to africa before. i’m a bit nervous. it’s been a while since i travelled to a totally strange place alone. but at least the junket part comes first, so i’ll be able to orient myself with the help of some carefully planned events – and whatever cool cafes and stuff i’ve found on the internets.

i’m all set up to to blog like mad – pictures, video and my laptop. so you’ll be able to follow along. as usual, watch my flickr page first. pictures are much easier than words.

while i’m gone, craig is going to get to work on renting eric’s old room. if anyone out there is looking for a place in SF or knows someone who is here’s the deets: the room is huge, has two closets and is quiet since it’s in the back of the house. we have wifi, laundry, and plenty of storage in the garage including room for bicycles and motorcycles. we’re right on alamo square (for the few of you who might not know that) and we’re dog friendly but not cat friendly. rent will be about 780 + pge and cable. the only caveat: you have to be comfortable with the fact that people from all over have a habit of visiting us and staying for a while. we’re comfortable with the fact that the same might be true for you. if anyone is interested email craig – shinboxer [at] hotmail [dot] com.


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