sleepless in frankfurt


it is 1300 hrs in frankfurt and i’m wondering if that old addage about your sould not being able to travel faster than a camel only applies to time zones or if it applies to total distance. if it applies to total distance, i’m screwed. if it only applies to time zones, i’m lucky as hell as the next leg of my trip only goes south – way south. but it stays in the same time zone.

right now i’m sleep deprived like a henry rollins story. the only good part about it is this time i am sleep deprived in luxury. i’m travelling business class and bragging about it bitches. damn that shit is nice. i left san francisco in the mid afternoon, which means that the artificial night time to force you into sleeping and then waking up in europe the next day did not work on me. when my body knows san francisco time so well, i can’t cheat it. so i stayed up most the trip watching movies and firefly episodes.

things i noticed: (1) no matter how the story is told, i cannot help but cry when sharing in the life and death of johnny cash. june and johnny’s courtship, marriage and deaths is sadder to me than the life and death of people i actually knew in so many ways. (2) in my experience with them all romantic comedies fall into two categories. (a) a couple who came together under some false circumstance and has to overcome this realization or (b) a couple that is horribly mismatched culturally or in societal status that must overcome this difference. i’m sure shakespeare wrote about both of those situations, but i don’t know his work well enough to cite which plays. these ideas are not new. (3) did i mention joaquin / leaf phoenix looked hot as johnny cash? oh yah. (4) no “visually stunning” movie about super soldiers of the future is ever worth watching, and yet i can’t help myself but watch them.

we landed in frankfurt and as planned i left the airport and took the train into the city. on exiting, the ohmygodsofuckinhot security dude whose line i made sure to get in said “frankfurt is closed. don’t bother. it’s sunday.” so i told him i needed to walk so i’d go check out his city’s lovely river. the main (which is the river) or more accurately the parks, bike paths, and beergardens along it are pretty cool. but he was right. otherwise the city was dead. i could only manage to amuse myself for a couple hours before dehydration, sleep dep, and a desire to not get too sweaty before my second flight brought me back to the airport. where i am now luxuriating in the air conditioned united lounge for a few hours before flight #2.


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