news flash


i’m back in the states. i’ll tell you about my trip in a sec, but since returning, i’ve:

  1. been to nigel’s belated birthday bash
  2. slept, alot
  3. gone to the apple store to buy a bluetooth mighty mouse, but they were sold out
  4. went with ryan, V and niall to see raiders of the lost ark in dolores park
  5. and finally gotten my ass back in the gym (which didn’t start in earnest until i had been back a few days
  6. got into the beta test to have my blog always show up as instead of, which is why you probably can’t read this right now
  7. oh and apparently while i was away, i chipped a tooth. bummer. know a good dentist in SF? please lemme know!

ok, onto ZA. all the pics are up on flickr, i still gotta work on the movies. i took lots of both. it’s winter down in south africa, so there’s not many tourists around. that kinda sucked cuz a few supposedly cool places were closed but it was kinda awesome too because everywhere i went i got to talk with the locals and really get to know them, and through them, cape town. i saw all sides of the area: the city itself, the ritsy beach towns nearby, the townships (basically the ghettos), and the country side where we went to a game reserve. i drank excellent coffee almost every day at origin – the blue bottle of cape town. i ate some decent food. i walked alot. i pet a young and fairly tame cheetah. and i met some cool tech savvy folks from all around the world.


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