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california is likely to pass a bill mandating that all wifi equipment manufacturers warn buyers to password protect their network. this alone sucks because there are so few open access points around here anymore than you can rarely just pull out your laptop and get online, even though you can see at least 5 a.p.s […]

mmmmm, munch


someone must really like dark chocolate m&ms

that’s it. even though i am so totally booked up this weekend i’m taking some time to organize my shit. my life is too cluttered. my brain is too cluttered. my house is too cluttered. if you want free shit, call me up or stop by. i’m keeping the stuff i use and need but […]

it’s been a while since i’ve done a cancer post. wow. i admit i haven’t followed developments in cancer and aids treatments nearly as much as i used to. but here’s something that caught my eye today. a chemist in illinois developed a molecule that basically gets cancer to commit suicide. the idea sounds pretty […]

since my motorcycle has been useless for almost a year now, i find myself taking muni more and more. i don’t want to find myself in this situation, but the bike thing is pretty much at a stand still and i can’t even sell the damn thing to buy a new unless it’s fixed, in […]

all hail the little guys. the ufc started off the main event with lightweights! holy cow. since there hasn’t been a lightweight division in ages, none of the fighters have really built a following, and the audience was seriously booing about 20 seconds into the fight, even though the fight wasn’t even on the ground. […]

sadly, kickboxing is closed for 10 days. 10 days without hitting a single thing is, well, difficult. hell it’s been 2 days since i last went and i was already buggin. so today i decided to use my backup gym (yes, i belong to 2 gyms. how gay, i know) and hit the 24 hour […]