gay army macarthured, now gay self defense forces


although they no longer appear to be winning the political war, the evangelical christian conservates appear to be winning the cultural one. Politically, i love the hyper conservative freaks like anne coulter, fred phelps, the governor of south carolina, and guy adams. They’re complete absurdity is alienating even conservatives and starting to wake up most americans to the fact that they’ve been hoodwinked into listening to and voting for people who are more concerned about their own profits or issues than those of the people voting them into power.

but while i give americans credit for wising up to these “leaders,” at least in terms of the poor decisions they’re making for the future of our country, americans – as well as others around the world – are falling victim to these same leaders culturally. they have villified gays enough that it is now OK to mistreat them again. we are the enemy – well us and muslims. anti-gay violence appears to be on the rise, and not just in foreign countries. in the past few weeks there has been more high profile violence in the US. people getting attacked while leaving gay pride. some poor guy was tortured by yokels who were honestly hoping to scare the gay out him. not to mention violence and protests at gay pride events elsewhere in the world especially in countries where the local authorities are tacitly encouraging anti-gay behavior

and so, as before when i encouraged people to join my gay army, i’m now changing the name of my gay army the gay self-defense forces (in homage to japan’s JDF, i suggest we call it the gayDF). like the guardian angels of old, we need people who will not only defend gays from these fools but will teach people to defend themselves. we need gay BJJ and krav maga instruction. sure we need a cultural shift too. more people who are already highly respected coming out would help (especially in sports). but any cultural shift will take time, just like it took a while for conservatives to re-make gays into bad guys again. and our well being cannot wait for another shift.

on a related note, two days ago i was on my front stoop when two girls were walking by, talking about one of the girl’s boyfriend, i think. when describing him she called him a lazy jew. seriously. in san francisco. when was the last time people talked about lazy jews? like 1936? i can’t believe this shit. yet another sign that the christians have gotten a little too much power culturally in this country. i’m going nuts.


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