here we go yo


at wordcamp on saturday, jason from preshrunk started talking to me about laptop bags and the next thing you know i was giving like a 30 minute dissertation to him and few others on the perfect bag for x or y. so since we were at a confab about blogging, everyone was like “why don’t you start a blog about bags.” and i thought, you know, they’re right. i’m sure there are 1000 blogs about womens purses and not a single one about bags for guys. but over the course of the past few days, the idea of starting a blog about bags in my spare time has not excited me.

which is why i’ve augmented the idea into starting a blog about clothes and accessories for guys. you see there’s tons of blogs about clothing for guys but they’re all either street culture or haute couture. i’m somewhere between both. not a boring middle, but a wacky mix of the two. like a reese’s of fashion. i figured i already blog about selected clothes and bags and wallets. why not a whole blog on it. and thus the new beast was born. i’m calling it bold swaths because i’ll be able to pWn google with that name and because i like what it means.

i’ve got the idea. i’ve registered the domain. now all i gotta do is get the damn thing started. with all the hosting solutions and hosted blogging platforms out there this should be a breeze right? hah. we’ll see. i’m open to suggestions.

it strikes me that this would be the first thing i’m really doing to see if i can be a success on my own. not that i haven’t worked hard to become successful professionally. but every time i’ve joined something successful, or on its way to being successful. and it was always joining. never creating. so let’s see what happens when i actually create something online.


3 Responses to “here we go yo”

  1. 1 Dan

    Ambitious! I’d offer to help out, but my sense of style is, shall we say, “impaired.”

  2. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am really pleassant to read everthing at single

  1. 1 i’m giving you a present « no one sequel

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