is it too much to ask


yesterday i discovered that this weekend was the nihonmachi fair in japantown. i got all excited. i love the street fairs in japantown. awesome food and tons to look at. so after running some errands downtown today, i hopped on the geary and made my way to j town. when i got there, it looked promising, webster was blocked off and i could see that post was full of stands. but as i drew closer to post, i could see it wasn’t really full of people. it was seriously dead. i walked by a few food stands to get to the alley where the big temporary food court is usually set up for fairs to find nothing there. wait, were the food stands i just walked by all that the nihonmachi fair had to offer? a second pass up post reveal more booths of shlock and non-profits but no more food. and GASP none of the food being sold was particularly japanese either. in fact it was all pretty much hawaiian.

i was so disappointed. yesterday when i found out about the fair, i started thinking about tako yaki. i was so excited for doughy balls with octopus bits and all the goop on top. all day downtown i kept saying tako yaki to myself. but alas since there was no actual japanese food, there was no tako yaki. damn!

sold out of spam musubi

that’s ok, i thought, if all the food being sold is hawaiian, i’ll just get some spam musubi. that will make me happy. yesterday i was walking through golden gate park on my way to the gym and noticed a little stand opened up right by the conservatory of flowers selling spam musubi. it smelled so good but you can’t eat that shit right before the gym, it’ll kill you. so i go and find the spam musubi stand and wtf? – they’re sold out. dude, it’s like spam and rice. how can you sell out of that shit? what a crime. i was pissed man.

japanese crepe

so what does any red blooded american do when he’s sad he can’t eat what he wants? drown his sorrows in ice cream. though in this case it was a thoroughly japanesified version. a crepe with green tea icea cream, red bean paste, and matcha. saved by sophie’s.


2 Responses to “is it too much to ask”

  1. It’s a sad commentary on the state of Japanese-American affairs when the Nihonmachi fair is basically pseudo-Hawaiian.

    Save your yen and swing through Tokyo- much better Japanese food here 🙂

  2. 2 eric

    oh, yah think? 😉 i am definitely saving my yen for a trip to japan. unfortunately the dollar isn’t going very far anywhere these days, let alone in a place where it was already expensive to travel like tokyo. it will happen though.

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