south africa AIDS update


whoa. just a few weeks ago, there i was saying that south africa’s policy to bring AIDS drugs to those who need it most was impossible to qualify for, but that the citizens felt helpless and weren’t protesting. well, the citizens of ZA have proved me (and themselves) wrong. 44 protestors occupied the offices the health minister to protest the way anti-retroviral drugs are being withheld from citizens. unfortunately they’re doing it because the correctional department refused to issue the drugs to inmates and 1 recently died in prison. the fact that thousands of non-incarcerated south africans are dying because they are denied ARVs was apparently not worth protesting, which just crushes me. although if these protests have any effect at all and the way ARVs are distributed is re-examined, i guess no matter whose death they were protesting it was worth it. at least they have gotten off their collective asses and gone all act up on the government.


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