endorphine mood elevation


sadly, kickboxing is closed for 10 days. 10 days without hitting a single thing is, well, difficult. hell it’s been 2 days since i last went and i was already buggin. so today i decided to use my backup gym (yes, i belong to 2 gyms. how gay, i know) and hit the 24 hour until i couldn’t move a muscle in the hopes that would do me some good. so i’m looking for my gym lock (which i didn’t find) and lookin for a bag to pack up with my few gym related ditties (ipod water etc). i zero in on a small bag which until recently was in jesse’s posession, packed with xbox accessories i lent (permanently) to him. so i dump it out and there’s still a lump in there and what do you know, but my shuffle, which i haven’t been able to find in forever, was in the bag. at jesse’s house. for like 8 months. fuck. but now it is mine again.

no time to load the shuffle with the new gym music. (must have jambi!!) i grab the nano and go to the nearest 24 hour, which, coincedentally, is the gay 24 hour. this is sf, so there’s plenty of gay gyms, but only 1 gay 24 hour fitness. most the gays go to one of the 2 gold’s gyms. where the golds gyms are usually for the steoidy big gays who spend equal time lifting and cruising for sex, the 24 hour is for the guys who, for the most part, just want to work out. not much camping out, not much cruising, just in shape dudes doing their thing. but i’m sure that the gold’s gym dudes think 24 hour is for rejects. there’s plenty of good looking guys there, but no one who looks like a porno magazine cover. you know?

anyhow, i was buzzin from finding my shuffle, and buzzin cuz i was workin out and got a little extra buzz because i was fresh meat so all the boys had to check me out (including, can i say, a dude with rockabilly tattoos and a circle jerks shirt. punk rock will never die). and things are good now. so if i can’t get work done tomorrow, i dunno what’s wrong with me.


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  1. if David Barton ever decides to expand to the West Coast, he’ll have quite a following.

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