no big surprises


all hail the little guys. the ufc started off the main event with lightweights! holy cow. since there hasn’t been a lightweight division in ages, none of the fighters have really built a following, and the audience was seriously booing about 20 seconds into the fight, even though the fight wasn’t even on the ground. what the hell? but as the hits kept flying the crowd shut up and had some fun. jamie varner was kinda hot and did great the first two rounds, but hermes knew if he didn’t something big the last round, he was going down, and he pulled it off with a crazy full body armbar that looked like he was just gonna pull the thing right off jamie.

right after the little guys fought, the big guys get in the octagon, you know to make them seem even bigger. not that either of these guys need any help. ckeick kongo is totally the ernesto joost of the ufc. huge, tall, ripped, black and a master of devastating muay thai strikes. like joost, one knee or elbow from this guy and you are out. as last night proved when he took out an equally big christian wellisch with one early in. yeeeouch.

big knees were a theme for the fights, as nick diaz ate a few from josh neer, who used them to turn the fight around a few times – even sending nick diaz running at one point. but nick saved face with a textbook kimura. i have to practice those. i feel sorry for nick. he’s stuck at the bottom of the top. he beats all the little guys but hasn’t really managed to beat any of stars of the welterweight division, which admittedly is one of the toughest and most competitive divisions of the ufc. he’s lost to a string of guys pretty much anyone would lose to, but he keeps fighting and the ufc keeps him around because he’s really good. he’s just not great – yet. maybe he will be some day soon.

even if ufc 62 held no big upsets, it was at least fun to watch. once again forrest and stephen went 3 rounds swinging for the fences, opening up gashes on each other like theyr were tearing off pop-tops. once again forrest won, and after, when talking to joe rogan was as funny and humble as ever. “joe, did you see the fight? when i stop doing this (ducks down and starts swinging wildly) then i’m ready for a title shot.” forrest, will you marry me?

and then chuck knocks out babalu early in the first round, which was no surprise at all. chuck is, well, i’m gonna say he’s invincible. he is so impressive. if chuck didn’t already have a nickname, i’d call him daredevil, because he IS the man without fear. when hits come at him, no matter who’s throwing them, chuck stays unbelievably focused on the situation and does not flinch from his opponent, keeping his eyes trained until he sees his chance to strike. i’m not sure how one develops this ability, and i doubt that a middle aged white boy can just pick it up like that, but it is amazing and it is one of those skills that i want.


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