public transportation, in style


since my motorcycle has been useless for almost a year now, i find myself taking muni more and more. i don’t want to find myself in this situation, but the bike thing is pretty much at a stand still and i can’t even sell the damn thing to buy a new unless it’s fixed, in which case i’d never sell it. so it’s hopeless. how easily i get off topic. there’s a couple of things i’ve seen recently that already or soon will make my time on public transportation more bearable. they can make your trips in sf more bearable too. i already use next bus and the next muni widget for next bus to find out when nearby trains will be arriving by my flat. next time i don’t know how to get someplace, i’m determined to try hopstop. it has a ton of mobile options, which of course excites me. and it looks useful. and you can integrate it into your website. finally, it looks like we’re getting some wi-fi on buses here to help pass the time. not in SF proper, but on buses that go from the east bay across to the city or the south bay. sounds like a good way to pass the time.


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