keep your filthy paws off my wifi drawers


california is likely to pass a bill mandating that all wifi equipment manufacturers warn buyers to password protect their network. this alone sucks because there are so few open access points around here anymore than you can rarely just pull out your laptop and get online, even though you can see at least 5 a.p.s anywhere you go. but some people feel this might be a step towards legislating closed networks, making it a punishable offense to leave your internet connection open to the world. to which i say “be a pirate. yarr”


One Response to “keep your filthy paws off my wifi drawers”

  1. 1 carlo

    from what they’re saying, it sounds like the legislators are more interested in making accessing an open AP illegal — which is even worse, really, since there’s not really a way to determine if an open AP has been expressly left open for use by its owner. This is a stupid path to go down, for many reasons. How will businesses, or even just people that like having an open AP, communicate that it’s okay to use it? Special legally approved AP names? And enforcement would be a joke: ask any police officer how much they’d love to have to try to enforce some law banning the use of open APs.

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