ohio law enforcement, precrime division


so in order to let the catholic church off the hook, ohio has approved new rules that would let anyone be named as a known sex offender and publicly tracked even if that person has never been convicted, or even legally accused of being a sex offender. the best part? if you are put on the list wrongfully, you can petition to get it off, but not until 6 years have passed without any criminal accusations. reason number 2,497 why anyone i know who is still in ohio must leave now.


One Response to “ohio law enforcement, precrime division”

  1. 1 jesse

    Wow. Is there a newsfeed for lunatic Ohio happenings that I can subscribe to (aside from your blog that is). It’s hard to believe I almost spent my entire college career in that state. Isn’t the reason for plunking down the hard-earned cash so that I can avoid work in favor of debauched sex acts?

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