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dainese hf1600

this weekend was mighty busy. i spent alot of time shuffling from one thing to another, and thanks to the closure of the bay bridge, the shuffling took much longer than normal. much motorcycle stuff, and a little bit of a work out epiphany is selfish news, but it’s better than listening to me whine.

  • gem (aka jim) figured out that this whole time it was damn bum battery that was bringin my bike down. 1 semi used battery and i’m back on the road. only trouble is on it’s maiden voyage the speedo went dead. i’m hoping it just came unhooked and me plus a wrench can fix this. if not, i’m sure a new cable can make things right
  • timmy han had a little spill on his bike. thanks to proper riding gear he is in good condition with just some minor scrapes. however now there is some replacing of equipment to be done. tim needs a new helmet and i need a new jacket (he was borrowing mine)
  • we went shopping for jackets and found the classiest casual riding jacket ever on clearance. i can’t believe dainese made a jacket with the old school ducati font. it was meant to be. we each special ordered one today. i got the red. it should be here in a few days. i have a ducati patch with the same font that’s going on the right shoulder the minute i get it. after that it’s time to look for a more serious jacket for longer and freeway rides.
  • it’s also time to look for a riding pants solution. something casual yet at least semi protective. i check out the icon jeans, but (1) they’re made for people much taller than me and (2) they don’t offer much protection.
  • and finally a little workout epiphany. while kickboxing was closed and i went to the back up gym i started pushing my lifting harder because i knew i didn’t need to save anything for training after. it made a huge difference. now i know how i was supposed to be lifting. so i’m trying to do that even though i’m back at kickboxing now.

2 Responses to “catch up”

  1. Very sweet threads. This spring I found an awesome Dainese Invader Jacket at Cycle Gear up in Silicon Valley (they have to special order the biggest sizes in Tokyo and they basically make you pay for them even if you don’t know if they will fit- what an insane policy.) The Invader is a synthetic fiber jacket, not leather, but it is this really tough, very slick fabric that I know would do well in a crash. I haven’t found a good pair of pants to go with them though.

    On long rides, and days when I commute in the rain, I wear my Aerostich. But spring and fall this new Invader jacket is the sh!t. Especially because it is all black and very subdued. I do have a conspicuity vest I wear when I know I’ll be on the road at night- it is that dark.

  2. 2 eric

    gen, my old jacket lost in the crash was the dainese gladiator – it’s like the invader you got only the chest is leather. the rest is that d-stone. did you know dainese has killed both those jackets? the invader was cut last season and the gladiator was cut this season. bummer.

    the jacket i ordered (and it came in today. w00t!) is also fabric. i’m never gonna race – i think i might choose waterproof over leather for future serious riding jackets.

    btw “conspicuity” vest? WOW. that’s a mouthful

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