multi media explosion


so much goodness one post can barely contain it. i’m gonna be gone for a while. a long while. so there’s alot here to keep you occupied in the meantime.

  • love shooz? get ringtones! “bitch. pick up the phone”
  • someone read pattern recognition. the mystery of youtube phenom lonelygirl15 has been solved.
  • fred phelps is becoming a youtube phenom too. you can watch him blather on for 10 minutes about the destruction of sodom and gemorrah. after watching this, kevin came up with some awesome t-shirt ideas which i promise i will produce within next month, to coincide with a special launch and the long overdue availability of my claymore tee. the two new designs will be “fag enabler” and “i (heart) sodomites”
  • speaking of sodomy, can i just say daniel craig is so the right choice for bond (sorry clive). i’m completely amp’d on crack to see bond knock the shit out of some baddies instead of relying on gadgets. and craig packed on a couple pounds of muscle for the role too. peep the new trailer (you can download it for psp!) and then once you’re thoroughly excited and drooly, you can check out the video podcasts.
  • and if you thought i blew my wad over the new bond, you ain’t seen nothin yet. this morning i was catching up on breeze block and caught a track of squarepusher’s new album. holy shit. mad fuckin skills man. it sounds like squarepusher playing dj qbert in a game of ms. pacman. internet search skillz activate! form of a torrent of the new album “hello everything” even though it doesn’t come out for another for another month.
  • oh and if i finish up my work in time tonight, i’ll upload videos of the good malice at the palace fights. there won’t be many since most of them sucked

2 Responses to “multi media explosion”

  1. Hey no way, I just did a search to see if my ‘fag enabler’ tshirt came up in google, and found this! Sorry, beat you to it! Nice blog by the way 😉

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