bad thaiming


well, somehow while i was somewhere over the pacific, the thai military held a coup and are attempting to depose the current prime minister. i flew directly into phuket and had no clue there was even anything wrong. things down here are totally normal. the only disturbance is in bangkok so far. the good news (sortof) is that so far all they’re doing is basically surrounding the prime minister’s compound wtih tanks. hilariously, he’s not even there right now. it’s clearly for show. they’re letting people stop and take pictures. and the army is saying that it’ll stay loyal to the king.

they’ve also turned off tv in bangkok, but i still have cnn international and all the channels here in phuket. that may be because it comes thru satellite. i don’t know. so far we all have mobile service, but they military is poised to turn it off if they like. which will make the mobility conference i’m here for rather interesting.

no one i talked to down here tonight likes the prime minister and they’re all saying they’re pretty happy about this. local feeling is the dude is a shit and he has been embroiled in a bunch of scandals lately.

so i’m going to make the most of my stay and keep watching to see if i need to skip the bangkok leg of my trip or if this is no big deal and i can go visit my pals and see the sites (and fights) up there.


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