like being 21 again


the last time i had a day like today was when i was 21. seriously. i remember the champs would all gather at gideon’s family resort in the catskills and we would just get silly. go on hikes or for a ride. eat pizza. play volleyball or some made-up game poorly. talk all night. today i have done all those things. met folks for breakfast. did work. worked out. made a video. walked the beach. ate pizza. played a pickup game of water polo at the pool and more… and it’s only 17:00!! i have not been this laid back in like 15 years. it feels good. i wish there were people i was honestly close to here to share it with. i miss you pals.

oh, i also lost both my ear plugs and my thumb ring today. i have none of the jewelry that’s been with me for so long. it’s like the end of an era.


2 Responses to “like being 21 again”

  1. 1 Dan

    Yes, this is just like that military coup back when you were 21…

  2. 2 Jocko


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