ok. last post about thailand (i think). the temple of the reclining buddha is actually this huge compound with tons of temples and statuaries. and so there is far more than just one buddha. the reclining buddha is just the largest and most famous. before one of the smaller buddhas was the can / basket / tube of fortune sticks. flat sticks packed into a can that you shake until just one comes out. bobby and i both decided to try our luck (literally) and see what came out. bobby goes first and then it takes me like a long ass time to get my stick. you don’t get fortune right away though – it’s not written on the stick or anything. the sticks have a number on it which you match to a slip of paper with your fortune and these fortunes, of course, were all written in thai.

so we take them to bun for some translation. bobby goes first and all bun says is “this is very good. everything is going to work out for you.” so we’re riding the high of bobby’s luck and i hand her my paper. she gets this sour look on her face and says “yours not so good.” i’m thinkin oh crap, but i ask her to tell me what it says anyway. “you should not try for big things. they will not work out. you stick to small things,” she says. great so my fortune says aim low, loser. “and” and? there’s more? geez, wasn’t ‘you’re not meant for big things’ enough? “and your love life, well you’re not going to find anyone soon.” ummmm i’m still solo after 36 years. define ‘soon.’

so my first reaction is not one of despair. it’s “wow, so i’ve been given a self-fulfilling prophecy of loser-dom.” so let’s not dwell on my (mis)fortune but instead let’s take note of the fact that this was no furtune cookie bullshit. this was “you know what, life kinda sux big guy. tough shit.” which you have to admit is kindof cool in a way. it’s not all happy tales and semi mysterious truisms. it’s bad shit too. not like greek tragedy level bad shit, but still. i was kinda impressed.


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