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i am in no way implying i am in love, unless you can be in love with an idea, in which case… ANYHOW i just heard someone whistling outside my window and though it didn’t sound the same, it reminded me of my grandpa whistling that weird 1950s song with the orchestra and the chorus […]

i fear that n1s will be the red-headed step child for quite some time. whatever time is leftover after i’m done working and working out is devoted to bold swaths now. so these link heavy posts of things that catch my eye will probably be the norm here for a while. but it’s stuff i […]

visual. a very twisted movie animated from drawings out of old children’s reading primers. via jocko. tactile. fuzzy little toy with five interchangeable mouths by the ever-busy attaboy. limited edition of 250 in each color. back up shop. audio. chad vader is real! and you thought he was just a fictional short. bonus link: the […]



i have so much good news! as of tomorrow you will be able to subscribe to this american life as a free podcast. no more stupid streaming flash audio or paying 2 bucks or more per episode from audible. also as of tomorrow, all back episodes will be available from itunes for 99 cents. go […]

it’s about time. i admit i missed last month’s UFC fights, but after the total washout that was the previous few cards, ufc 64 redeemed the league, and also shamed it. ok, maybe not shamed it. but damn if anderson silva, who i think everyone will agree is a pride fighter and really represents what […]

so thanks to jocko, ryan and a few others, bold swaths has taken off bigger than i ever could have expected. honestly i could not have asked for more. it definitely seems to be satisfying a niche. but i don’t think i was ready for this. i expected bold swaths to be like this site, […]

don’t get me wrong, i love me the flickr, but sometimes i need a little bit less. in this age of teeny tiny apps focused on one thing and websites with some hyper specific expertise, sometimes i just want to go to a photo site about one specific thing. but of course, it’s never some […]