when will they learn


how is it people have not seen the pattern yet? it happens often enough that even the dumbest dude watching the news should be able to figure it out. say to himself “hey i heard something like this before.”

what pattern you say? why the one rep. mark foley is a part of. the one where the ultra conservative male who constantly goes on tirades against gays and tries to pass absurd laws preventing gay rights and protecting children from sex offenders is discovered to be gay. not just gay, but a gay pedophile. it’s happened plenty of times before, even within the past year. not so long ago that people should have forgotten.

so why aren’t people suspicious when leaders start doing this? why are they so shocked when the truth comes out? why aren’t more people investigating every over zealous “protctor of children” and vehemently anti-gay legislator. let’s out the whole bunch. i know there’s a few journalists / bloggers / investigators who do this. but it continues to get washed under until it comes out that one of the dudes is a pedophile. guys like governor mcgreevey who have affairs with adult men just arent’ as newsworthy.

which is unfortunate. because the worst part is, the guys making the news are the worst ultra conservative stereotype – gay pedophiles. they lend creedence to the conservative dogma that we all want to have sex with underage boys. when in reality, these guys make me more embarrassed as a gay than they embarrass bill frist as a republican. (and remember bill frist still says that aids can be transmitted through tears!) and mcgreevey and others who have been outed do nothing to disprove that stereotype despite the fact that they disprove it. because when they come out, they do so with un-news-worthy dignity and the story ends. there’s no tragedy. no horror.

what we need is some shocking outing. maybe bill frist is having an affair with anderson cooper or marilyn musgrave is doing the nasty with katie couric. i dunno. it’s unimaginitive, i agree. but i’m not thinking clearly enough to come up with the right combiniation now. it’ll come to me.


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