if you’re feeling left out


if for some sad reason you didn’t get carpet bombed with an invitation to my birthday celebration, i apologize and informally am inviting you to join in.

It’s a most curious kind of potluck dinner and movie:

  • meet us in dolores park on the dolores side between the playground and the steps this saturday, oct 7 at 7pm. We will have staked out a spot with some blankets.
  • Bring food to share, food that can be eaten with a minimum amount of utensils and mess would be key. i promise a big sloppy kiss to anyone who brings spam musubi. however it will be a boring meal if EVERYONE brings it.
  • we will eat and drink and be rowdy for an hour and then at 8pm, they will play the mel brooks classic young frankenstein, which we will stay to enjoy with 5000 of our closest friends. we will most likely continue to eat drink and be rowdy.
  • dress warm. the movie is outside in the park. it’s gonna get cold.
  • we’ll provide some drinks, but feel free to bring additional ones.

One Response to “if you’re feeling left out”

  1. 1 Dan

    Why must everybody plan their birthday parties for when I’m out of town?

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