pride. and determination


it’s about time. i admit i missed last month’s UFC fights, but after the total washout that was the previous few cards, ufc 64 redeemed the league, and also shamed it.

ok, maybe not shamed it. but damn if anderson silva, who i think everyone will agree is a pride fighter and really represents what those guys can do, didn’t just destroy rich franklin. we were expecting a big fight and both men gave it to us at first as they traded a few blows. then silva just catches rich in a muay thai clench and uleashes a barrage of knees on rich’s body breaking him down in about a minute. and then, as if that wasn’t enough, silva proceeds to rearrange frinklin’s face (literally!) with a final series of knees that knocked rich out. and i can’t help but feel that this is why dana white backed down on pitting tim silvia and his other fighters against their counterparts in pride. i hope i’m wrong, but i don’t know.

i don’t know how either would fare in a pride fight, but i’d give the lightweight contenders a better chance. kenny florian and sean sherk had an awesome fight. kenny opened up a bleeder on sean early in the first round and yet he managed to last all 5 rounds while gushing blood. they were serious trying to wrestle each other in pools of blood. sean is buff, and now that he had to cut weight to fight at 155 he’s even more ripped, but kenny didn’t let that stop him. kenny’s a wiley one and kept moving well the first 2-3 rounds. both fighters were pouring their hearts out all round long and were managing to pull off some big moves at the end of each round, which is exactly when it’s toughest! eventually kenny couldn’t outlast sean’s strength and he started to look defeated. and then, when at the end of the final round sean picked up kenny to slam him and kenny clung to the fence for dear life (i’m totally surprised only one judge deducted a point for that. i mean, come on), we all knew sean had it in the bag. congrats to my boy!

the fight totally reminded me of the GSP BJ Penn fight were BJ caught george on the nose early on and GSP went on to win the fight a bloody mess.

and i’d like to add jon fitch to my stable of fighters i call my man as well. holy crap. that dude was relentless. no matter how many submission holds hironaka tried to put on him, the dude just pounding away. hironaka caught fitch across the nose and opened him up, but that was nothing compared to what fitch did. kuniyoshi’s eyes (both of em!) were swollen shut by the end of the fight. the guy was taking swings at air cuz he couldn’t see.

and lemme just say that for a skinny 18 year old, dan lauzon did fuckin great against spencer fisher while he was doing great against spencer fisher. the kid has some BJJ skills. but then spencer got to stand up, and that was the end of that. but dan’s young and has plenty of time to work on his stand up game.


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