i have so much good news!

  1. as of tomorrow you will be able to subscribe to this american life as a free podcast. no more stupid streaming flash audio or paying 2 bucks or more per episode from audible. also as of tomorrow, all back episodes will be available from itunes for 99 cents. go ira! now when will terry gross catch on?
  2. in order to support their now free podcasts TAL has opened up a donation page. why not support the public radio show you like directly instead of just supporting some station you don’t listen to anyway? the best part is if you have deep pockets, you can score a dvd that ira made with chris ware (the world’s smartest boy) about a boy trying to save old buildings. it promises to be brilliant.
  3. Barneys
    barneys, the gay shopping mecca in every major us city is finally coming to san francisco! for years i’ve been wondering (a) why isn’t there a barneys here and (b) what are they going to do with the old FAO Schwarz building. one answer for two questions.
  4. the abercrombie clone look appears to be dead. even old navy is clearing out their abercrombie knockoffs here. it won’t be long before they are irrelevant again, relegated to middle aged queers who think a+f clothes make them look young or urban hipster.
  5. fruity rudy and a bunch of other hot ex-marines have posed for a pinup calendar to raise money for soldiers who have been wounded in iraq.

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